J + M English Country Barn Wedding

Despite a fair few rain showers J & M’s wedding day was an absolute corker!! Everyone had such a lovely time and looked so stunning! It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this day and capture some lovely memories! Wedding Photographer Guildford-001Wedding Photographer Guildford-002Wedding Photographer Guildford-003Wedding Photographer Guildford-004Wedding Photographer Guildford-005Wedding Photographer Guildford-006Wedding Photographer Guildford-007Wedding Photographer Guildford-008Wedding Photographer Guildford-009Wedding Photographer Guildford-010Wedding Photographer Guildford-011Wedding Photographer Guildford-012Wedding Photographer Guildford-013Wedding Photographer Guildford-014Wedding Photographer Guildford-015Wedding Photographer Guildford-016Wedding Photographer Guildford-017Wedding Photographer Guildford-018Wedding Photographer Guildford-019Wedding Photographer Guildford-020Wedding Photographer Guildford-021Wedding Photographer Guildford-022Wedding Photographer Guildford-023Wedding Photographer Guildford-024Wedding Photographer Guildford-025Wedding Photographer Guildford-026Wedding Photographer Guildford-027Wedding Photographer Guildford-028Wedding Photographer Guildford-029Wedding Photographer Guildford-030Wedding Photographer Guildford-031Wedding Photographer Guildford-032Wedding Photographer Guildford-033Wedding Photographer Guildford-034Wedding Photographer Guildford-035Wedding Photographer Guildford-036Wedding Photographer Guildford-037Wedding Photographer Guildford-038Wedding Photographer Guildford-039Wedding Photographer Guildford-040Wedding Photographer Guildford-041Wedding Photographer Guildford-042Wedding Photographer Guildford-043Wedding Photographer Guildford-044Wedding Photographer Guildford-045Wedding Photographer Guildford-046Wedding Photographer Guildford-047Wedding Photographer Guildford-048Wedding Photographer Guildford-049

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  • Shirley Evans

    Lovely photos of Matt and Jessica’s wedding.

    How can we get hold of a copy of any of these?

    Also I believe you also took some photos of the “Goldinch” side of the family – I.e those connected with the father of the bride. Have you anything for us to see please?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Shirley Evans (Grandmother to Jessica)ReplyCancel

    • Hi Shirley, I’m sure if you ask Jessica she’s love to send you the online gallery for all the wedding photos so you can see everything and order any copies you might want 🙂 CharlotteReplyCancel